Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

‘I don’t fuck much with the past but I fuck plenty with the future’

                                                                                         Patti Smith

Here’s the thing. 
I’m more a believer in revolutions than resolutions.
But  this is the traditional time to take stock and strategize the future
So allow me these words

Yeah that was a year.
Somehow magical and mundane.
It was in the cards from the start
I fell in and out of love and found my ability to judge character needs some work
I made some friends and lost some too.
I realised that family is both more and less than blood.

I still believe in magic.

Here’s the plan. It’s my plan. You can share it if you wish.
I wish.
I wish for the usual. I wish for the unusual. 
I wish for peace and love to come. I wish for hate and war to go.
This is my will that I will
This year I will.
Find and embrace positive change. Get my book published. 
Find a better place to live. Fulfill my creative dreams. 
Find a job that earns me good money and utilises my talents and skills.

All will be well in my world.
I hope it will be in yours too

Happy 2016.

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